Jocie Juritz Animator and Director
Client  Cake Fx
Produced by Ariel Hart
Direction/Animation Jocie Juritz
Colouring Jane Davies
Sound/Music Galina Juritz

Cake FX

A series of interstitials for Cake Season 4

A dreamy sort of project with almost no boundaries and only 7 seconds per scene. This was a great excuse to play with a hand painted technique and do some more traditional cel animation. Everything was animated first in Photoshop and then hand painted on paper.

Each scene was animated in Photoshop, printed out, painted in gouache using a light box, then the line work was traced in china marker onto sheets of acetate. It was all then scanned back in and composited in After Effects. I always feel that when the process has lots of stages it gets taken out of my control a bit, which means it ends up with all these unexpected qualities that I love. 

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