Jocie Juritz Animator and Director

Client  Jocie Juritz Collection
Animation/Editing  Jocie Juritz
Photography/Editing Ben Pender
Sound Galina Juritz

Models Anita Gill, Daisy Mojave, Helena Kampen, Magdalena, Rugile Bazyte, Seun Dawodu, Shaun Sahdev

Semi-Permanent Tattoos

To celebrate the launch of my brand’s tattoo packs I knew I needed to make something different.

In 2022 I launched my shoe brand – Jocie Juritz Collection. Recently we added a new product – semi-permanent tattoo packs – and to celebrate this venture I wanted to make something unique… In all honesty, as soon as I had ordered the first tattoo samples I had started animating, so it’s hard to say which idea came first. There was no question, however, that it had to be animated with actual tattoos on actual skin. 

I started with an animated reference in Photoshop, which was then printed as 216 temporary tattoos (thankfully I ordered a spare of each). With the help of many half-clothed friends, and Ben Pender working the camera, we transferred each frame (108 in total) onto any bit of skin our models were willing to show. 

400+ pictures later, we were left with a mammoth editing challenge. You can imagine that once an image is applied to skin, then photographed, it barely resembles the lines of the original reference. Hours, and hours, of editing in After Effects later, we had something that lined up and, more importantly, played smoothly. With the addition of gorgeous sounds by composer and designer Galina Juritz, the tattoos came to life.

A celebration of a launch video that, had I known the scope of before starting, I probably wouldn’t have started. The tattoos are finally out, and available to plaster your bodies in, now.

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