About me

My name is Jocie, pronounced joss-ee.
I’m a London based animator and director.

I am approached with curious briefs…

All your memories are probably false. Reduce anger by giving up on optimism.
Make an entirely white film about the colourful history of white.
Condense a 600 page book into 30 seconds of imagery and explain how nanomolecular genetic switches work in 3 minutes.

I love animation because I get to struggle with, learn about, devour, obsess over and then visualise topics like these.

Selected Festivals and Interviews

2019 LIAFF Animated Documentaries Screening and Panellist for ‘Conception’ for New York Times

2019 Vancouver thing

2018 Feature Episodes – The DIY Animation Show

2018  Feature Interview – Adobe Create Magazine

2018  Vimeo Staff Pick for RSA ‘Intensity Vs Consistency’

2018  Juror at Northwest Animation Festival

2017  LIAFF Animated Documentaries Screening and Panellist for ‘Colorscope White’ and ‘Edna Welthorpe’

2017  Vimeo Staff Pick for CNN’s ‘Colorscope White’

2016  Special Mention at Short Of The Year for ‘Fractured’

2014  NOMINEE Royal Television Society – National Undergraduate Animation Award for ‘Fractured’

2014  WINNER Royal Television Society – London Undergraduate Animation Award for ‘Fractured’


The New York Times
Royal Society of Arts
Penguin Random House
School Of Life

RSA Artificial Intelligence