The New York Times - Conception II


Debra Johnson describes her hopes and fears about raising a black son in Chicago.


Perhaps Debra's is a perspective you haven't considered before? Perhaps her fear is one you live with every day? It's truly shameful that this narrative so normal for some and completely unthinkable for others. Each film in this six-part-series discusses a different aspect of parenthood.


Client - The New York Times

Production - Margaret Cheatham WIlliams

Direction / Animation - Jocie Juritz

Animation - Thea Glad

Music - Pierre O'Reilly

Sound Design - Fraser McCulloch



2018 - Margaret Mead Festival - "Cultures of Parenting: Raising a Black Son in America"

2018 - Vimeo Staff Pick

2019 - Short Of The Year Winter selection - VOTE HERE


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